It found myself in the port of Loreto Baja California Mexico, I was assigned to a work for a magazine, it took to 3 days photographing the life of the place and observes a signboard that announced a fight of roosters, until that moment for me all this that type of fights was unknown, motivated by desire to photograph something not known that could help me to elaborate better my photographic order I decided to attend at night, it was a true full experience of astonishment for me, I was captivated by the atmosphere that was breathed in that place, that day did not manage to have a  good photograph that I liked and I just let it go, however I was left captivated with what I saw there, months later I had the opportunity to know my friend Yuri who to my fortune is a great lover or Rooster fights  and he invited me to his house to coexist with his animals and to see of first hand how the “galleril "atmosphere is lived", however he lives in San Salvador, El Salvador, I thought about how incredible it would be to photograph that in a country that is not mine, and has the same culture on animal fights, and I decided to accept his invitation and  go, we spent 2 very intense days photographing and from that moment I have fallen in love with this subject so strongly that till this moment I thank God that he put  me in the correct places to continue photographing.