LAFF is the only photography festival in NYC history devoted to the lives and culture of Central and South America, the homeland of so many community residents in the South Bronx. 

Curated by Philip Blenkinsop


Seventeen pairs of eyes and their offerings; images born between Januarys, during a period of exceptional global uncertainty. The dialogue nurtured by their enforced cohabitation here speaks to me of our fears and our vulnerabilities, whether real or imagined; it begs of us to question our own apathy, our unreadiness or unwillingness to stand up and challenge a poisonous status quo; it alludes to the fragility of those hopes and dreams we harbour for our children.


Premio "GABO"en la categoría de texto otorgado por la Fundación  Gabriel García Marquez. Colombia. 2021

“America, Again” is a year-long project by the photographers of VII, an exploration of some of the most important issues facing American voters as they head to the polls on November 3rd. This is Chapter 6: American Imperium which includes essays by Suzy Hansen, Anthony Loyd, and Jill Filipovic as well as photo stories by Hector Guerrero, Stefano De Luigi, Nichole Sobecki, Valentina Sinis, Leonardo Carrato, Forough Alaei, and two essays curated for this chapter from the VII archive.









Cover of the El PAÍS Semanal magazine  dedicated to the pandemic in Latin America. 

Vulnerability stories

These are four visual stories that reflect on one of the most significant aspects of the confinement that we experience as a result of the SARS-Cov-2 virus pandemic: the condition of "vulnerability".

Based on archival images generated by renowned visual artists, some curators from the Institute and MUAC will make a selection that will make visible other realities in which vulnerability.

Third place in the news category in POYLATM

Story about of Mexico City published in the Spanish magazine El País Semanal with  texts of the Argentine writer Martín Caparrós


Hector Guerrero’s project, “Days of Absence,” is on view at the LUMIX Festival for Young Photojournalism in Hanover, Germany, through June 24.


This month was my incursion to the prestigious agency VII under the mentor program

Alumni from excellent Eddie Adams Workshop XXX Class

Iinterview with Wired magazine about my project the smoke route, volcanoes in mexico.

Interview with the PH Museum about my project the Volcanoes

Special in the Spanish newspaper El Pais, on the town of Temacapulin, a town to which they want to disappear by the construction of a dam.

Article published today in the lens blog of NYT about my project of volcano land with an edition and text of David Gonzalez and production of Anjelica Bartkowaiak. 

Glad to announce that we are part of " Descubrimientos"of Photo España 2017, with my project Travel Log.

Publication in LAT Photo magazine with the edition by Hydra collective photography 

Publication in the BEX Autores Argentinian magazine 

Publication in the Píe Izquierdo magazine

Campaign for Freedom Expression

Documentary about Mexican photojournalists.


Aim and shoot' focuses on the personal experiences of mexican photojournalists from Jalisco, Michoacán and Juarez, Chihuahua. In one of the most dangerous countries for journalists, the warriors of the lens go out every day to get "the shot". From the point of view of veterans and rookie photographers of the contemporary Mexico, 'Aim and shoot" shows us the struggle of a profession that is being outdated by digital media and crushed by low incomes. In a time where anyone can take a picture; what drives a photographer to keep his Job? 

Publication in the French Magazine  L´OBS  about pollution in Mexico City. 

Full Interview in the mexican site Sin Embargo.MX about my personal project Collateral

Full Interview and Gallery about my personal project Collateral

Some of my pictures published in the media